Saturday, 16 July 2011

BlackWattle Cafe, Glebe

A cloudy but fine Saturday afternoon had my family and I (including the dog) head out on a bike ride. This time we thought to ride over to Blackwattle Bay, Glebe which has some on-road riding, but then it's mostly around the bay on paths and parkways.

On our journey - we stopped in at BlackWattle Cafe, perfectly situated with surrounding lawn and views of the bay, the CBD and the Anzac Bridge. It was established last year - in the lovely Bellevue Cottage building after much restoration. Having seen the empty shell there for some years, it's great to have it now used.

Parking the bikes - we took a table outside and enjoyed our coffee (which they source from the local roaster The Little Marrionette), cake and a break from our ride. The coffee is quite perfect, and I take a sip before I take a photo!

There was a baby shower celebration just starting when we arrived, so the indoor part of the cafe was closed - but that just meant the cafe was serving coffee & cakes beyond it's normal 4pm so suited us just fine. I had a peek inside - which retains the charm and patina of it's history, so might have to go back for a breaky or lunch sometime.

The main walking/running/cycling path is below the slight hill - so it's a peaceful stop with just the views and other patrons as company. Dog friendly too - with tall posts away from the tables to tie up your 4-legged friend, and water dish for refreshment.

Out for a ride or a walk? or visiting the area - here are the details. Hope you make it.

BlackWattle Cafe
55 Leichhardt St, Glebe
(on the walkway/cycleway that runs around Blackwattle Bay)