Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bertoni Casalinga, Balmain

Bertoni's is a cafe institution right in the heart of Balmain, and my personal favourite cafe. It's great for coffee, for snacks, for lunch, for grabbing something to take home for dinner (or stay for dinner some nights). I've been a regular since they opened, then more casual, then an everyday regular again, now more casual again - but it's the place I make tracks to when I want a good coffee at any time of the day, with or without my coffee buddy friend. 
The big communal table means you're never sitting alone even when you're by yourself - of course, if the table's full - then it's the red milk crates (complete with padding) to sit wherever you like in the front area and outside. If you turn up, and the queue is long, don't worry - it's fast & friendly. Oh, and I have the cookbook - so sometimes I can make my own home-cooked version of their home-cooked dishes available and served up daily.

If you want to drop by - here's what you need to know:
Bertoni Casalinga
281 Darling St

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