Saturday, 25 February 2012

Barney's of Bookham

During the recent summer holidays, whilst staying down in the Southern Tablelands of NSW, we decided to do a bit of a drive around - just for the fun of it. The general idea was to head to Yass and back.

Cafes & coffee being an all important requirement for any outing - I did a bit of research and came up with our destination for lunch. Bookham. Beyond Yass - but not far, and just for something different.

There's not much at Bookham - in fact, it's a whistlestop - a small town and rest spot off the highway - and even has a cattle grid on the way in and out of town. The two things that got me to make it our destination were the old machinery yard (rusty tractors and the like) and the diner.

So here it is. Barney's of Bookham.
A diner-cafe - with great food and renowned for it's pies.
You can stock up on jams, spreads, and other tasty treats.
We had lunch, and then a coffee & sweet treat . . . and followed that with a walk up the road - on the road - no traffic. (Couldn't actually walk around the old machinery - no tresspassing and a big fence, but could take pictures - there's something fab about rusting old farm machinery sitting in paddocks.)
Then headed home.

If you're travelling past it's an easy stop and worth a visit.

Barney's of Bookham
Fagan Drive
(just off the Hume Highway between Yass & Gundagai)
Bookham, NSW 2582


  1. great photos! looks like a little oasis.

  2. Thanks. It was. You could see the cars whizzing past on the freeway - but you felt still in a quiet place. I love finding good food & coffee in the country.


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