Friday, 6 January 2012

Here's to a new year of cafe going and coffee drinking

So, time does fly by in those weeks leading up to the end of the school year and then behold, it's school holidays - then Christmas - then the New Year begins. All those things to do that I didn't - and adding to this blog was one of those!

I DID get out & about for coffee (of course) - and all those places, new or revisits, were tweeted - but my 'tweet first, blog second' mantra meant that I visited more cafes than I actually took photos of.

So, here's the list of those cafes I visited again in November & December that I did get some snaps of - offering a brief glimpse of where I've been. I didn't lug the big camera to these cafes - just used the little Lumix (it fits in my pocket and is my new all purpose and go anywhere picture taker) - but still tried to capture the essence of each place. If, I've got more images for any of them, I'll do an individual post. If not, I will revisit!

Also, I've just been through and cleared the light-box on my little iphone app - and found a whole lot more cafes that I'd only managed to get to once - and some I do need to revisit to add to this blog.

The upshot of this is I guess I'm going to be busy - but this should be fun ... there's always a new cafe 'round the corner, in the country or near the beach!

Deus Cafe, Camperdown - a favourite place for brunch, sometimes lunch and dinner - there's the attached shop selling all things bikes (and even surfboards), for adults & kids alike.
DiVi Espresso Bar, Lilyfield - near my son's school so it's oft my morning coffee (and chat) & s'times my pre-pickup pick-me-up. Beans are roasted on the premises - and there's often a new coffee to try.
Flood Street Carousel, Leichhardt - newly opened & a recent discovery - tables, chairs, lounges and room2move
Harry's Espresso Bar, Bondi Beach - at the northern end of the beach, so mostly locals - with great coffee, cakes & lunch. Opposite Camilla's Beach House if you need to shop and you've left the kids at home.
Tisu Cafe, Balmain - quick and easy stop for a coffee or snack - busy with school mums in the mornings.
Il Vizio, Leichhardt - not often you get a good coffee & food spot near a supermarket - but this one's a keeper!

Bikes at Deus Cafe, Camperdown

The open space of Deus Cafe, Camperdown
Divi Espresso Bar, Lilyfield - new chalkboard and sacks of coffee beans for roasting
Room to move when coming into Flood St Carousel, Leichhart
Even the kids find a good spot to sit outside of Harry's Espresso Bar at Bondi Beach
Coffee & lunch - and a bright welcome at Tisu Cafe in East Balmain
Shop for Christmas goodies (whilst you enjoy a coffee) at Il Vizio in Norton  Plaza, Leichhardt

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