Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Paper Cup Espresso, Stanmore

There are two 'Paper Cup Espresso' bars within cooee of my place (well, one I can walk to, the other is a short drive). This was the first one setup, and I love it! Yesterday I took the camera so I could add it to this blog and share.

A gorgeous big counter inside that you can sit at whilst watching your coffee being made - or there's the window benches and padded crates plus a mix of chairs and tables outside if it appeals. It's a quiet, leafy street with a little traffic - the comings & goings of next door (Stanmore Cellars) and local public school across the road. 

A small menu, supplemented by a specials board and a range of cookies and snack options on the bench - there should be something to enjoy with a cup of coffee - next time you're in the neighbourhood, do stop in.

Paper Cup Espresso
157/161 Cambridge St


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